What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is the University of Michigan’s premier fast-paced music and filmmaking competition, in which participants have the opportunity to create a piece of music or film in 48 hours.


Our competition brings entrepreneurship to a whole new level. Spotlight exposes the budding artist within the average college student to ideation, sparks collaboration with a multidisciplinary approach for creative production, propagates education of skillsets from experienced industry specialists, and boosts artistic morale by exposing participants to world-renowned artists and a supportive network of mentors. We want the average student with a passion for the arts to be able to actively participate in the event, learn lifelong skills and get inspired by their peers, mentors, filmmakers, and motivational performing artists. To propagate this, we will host various workshops throughout the week, which will allow students to build stronger connections to their mentors, as well as optimize the creative and technical processes necessary to yield quality product at the end of the week. Through Spotlight, we strive to build a community that fully supports the sheer exploration of artistic talent, while simultaneously fortifying musical, cinematic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Spotlight is set to happen in January 2017, an innovative entrepreneurial kick-start to the year ahead. The only question left is: will you be a part of it?