Makeathon 2016

Makeathon is a 36 hour design competition that aims to pull the most passionate artists, designers and creators for a weekend full of creativity and innovative breakthrough. Innovation will be put on full display through three different forms of competition: Product Design Competition, Fine Arts Showcase and Sponsor Challenges.


Product Design Competition

A staple of Makeathon, the original design competition enables participants to transform their ideas into functioning prototypes for the chance to bring their product to market.

Fine Arts Showcase

New to Makeathon this year, the Fine Arts Showcase caters to those individuals who want to be apart of the Makeathon experience but in a way that allows them to display their artistic abilities through painting, drawing or any other medium that they choose to showcase their creativity.

Sponsor Challenges

Also new to Makeathon this year, the sponsor challenges will give teams the opportunity to tackle a real world problem, build a prototype, and present their solution complete with a business plan to a judging panel.