Our Mission

To Expose Students to Entrepreneurship

New ventures are a dime a dozen these days — if you live in a tiny strip of California. In the rest of the world, and here in Ann Arbor, engineers aren’t spinning their class projects into businesses and art students aren’t applying their designs to run their own clothing line. And that’s the problem.

So the goal of MPowered is two-fold: one, to bring out the few courageous self-starters among us to begin their entrepreneurial journey, and two, to spread their bold passion to the rest of the U-M community. In short, we’re starting the fire.

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students exposed to entrepreneurship (and counting)


students brought to Michigan from other states


startups and companies brought to Michigan


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Our Members

MPowered has given members the skills, connections, and confidence to get into Harvard law school and lead teams at Apple and Google.

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